4 - Earning an Allowance Teaches Cause & Effect

Allowance can be Earned for Jobs That Go Beyond Normal Family Responsibilities

For the fourth lesson, Chuck talks about teaching kids about earning an allowance, which will teach them the cause and effect for a job well done. This is different than the mandatory chores we discussed in Part Three, in which chores teach personal responsibility to contribute to the family. Watch below as he gives some guidance for how to assign responsibilities and allowances.

If you would like to follow the Bentley home's practice of earning allowance through cleaning day, the chart below may be helpful for you. You can easily create something like this for your own family, or feel free to print and use this one if it is a good fit for you.

Family Cleaning Day Allowance Chart

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Why do you think it is a good idea to differentiate between jobs that can earn money and those that are completed out of responsibility? Do you practice this in your home now? What good will this understanding do for your own kids?
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What did you learn about responsibilities and chores in your own childhood? How did those lessons affect your work ethic and stewardship? What do you hope your kids will learn from this lesson into their adulthood?
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We know that it is important for everyone to learn that good, hard work yields a positive result. If your children learn this at an early age, the cause and effect principle will continually benefit them as they grow into adulthood.