3 - Chores Teach Personal Responsibility

A Family is a Unit That Has to Help Each Other

For Part Three, Chuck advises parents to assign chores for every member of the family. He explains the positive impact that chores have on kids. As you teach your kids that every member of the family contributes, they will learn personal responsibility and their part in the everyday function of the home.

The Bentley Home's Envelope System for Chores

What are the daily chores that make a household function that you can assign to your kid's popsicle sticks (or whatever visual method you choose)?
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Does every member of the family have something they contribute to the daily function of your household? What benefits do you see when your children contribute? How do your kids respond? What is the biggest difficulty in making this happen, and how will you overcome it?
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Chuck has reminded us that chores can help kids learn that everyone should contribute to the work of the home.  Establishing this kind of personal responsibility at an early age will prepare them to live as good family members and good citizens in the future.