Demonstrate Christ to the World

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What does it mean to live incarnationally? How does it impact the way we do relationships? In this video, Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, explains what it means to "be Jesus" and represent Him by being His hands and feet to the world. 

How does Christ's life and work on the cross show you the depth of God's love?
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Danny said, "...if our Lord is willing to get down, in the lives of real people, and meeting them where they are, then as we incarnate Him, as we incarnate evangelism, we are going to do exactly the same thing. And be grateful and glad we even have the opportunity to represent Him among a people that He came to not only to live for, but also to die for."

Have you ever thought about being grateful for the opportunity to represent Christ in your relationships? How can an attitude of gratefulness change how you approach evangelism?
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Every believer is called to “be Jesus” to everyone everywhere. How should believers approach this calling? In this video, Danny Akin explains how the gospel transforms our daily life while becoming the force for believers to be Jesus to everyone everywhere. 

Jesus got close to the needs of people by meeting them where they were. He built relationships, served wholeheartedly and demonstrated God’s love. How can you imitate Christ with the people God has placed in your life?
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Authentic biblical community and genuine relationships attracts unbelievers to the gospel. Danny said, "...we are actually putting out a live display for others to see a transformed life of joy, happiness and thanksgiving of hope."

What friendships do you have outside the church? Why do you think it's important to be friends with people in the world?
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List some ways you can demonstrate God’s love to other people who are outside your sphere of influence. How can you serve those in your neighborhood, in your community and in your workplace?
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"...if we can stay with the gospel and keep legalism kicked to the curb, we are gonna have a lot more joy, a lot more energy and passion, as we serve the Lord, not just for a few months or a few years, but hopefully as we serve the Lord over a lifetime..."