Combat Consumeristic Christianity

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There is an undeniable trend in Western Christianity that sees the church as just another place to consume. Before you watch Afshin Ziafat, Pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, TX, take a moment and watch this humorous video which illustrates how many people approach church.

Like the guys in the video, many people want to order their faith how they like it. Watch as Afshin shares how the gospel is the only effective tool to combat the growing problem of consumeristic Christianity.

Afshin mentioned some of the unique ways consumerism manifests itself in the context where he pastors. In what ways do you see this trend in the people who attend your church? What difficulties have you experienced in your church as a result?
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 Afshin noted the way to move your people from a consumer church mindset to a church on mission is to root your church in the gospel.

Compare and contrast the message of the gospel with our culture's "have it your way" message. How does an understanding of the gospel dethrone consumeristic tendencies?
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In what areas of your life have you let the lie that "it is all about you" take root? How can you allow the truth of the gospel to dethrone the consumerism in your heart?
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How have you encouraged or enabled a consumeristic mindset in the people at your church? How can you practically begin to let the truth of the gospel dethrone the consumerism in your church?
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Consumerism sees self as ultimate. It is about my wants, my desires, and my satisfaction—an idolatry of self. The gospel turns this notion on its head, showing the bankruptcy of self and the incredible grace of God. The gospel shows us that God is glorious, God is ultimate, God is the treasure. He is what I want, He is what I desire, and in Him I find satisfaction.