Live the Message You Teach

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Leading others to be on mission involves both sound teaching and authentic living.  In this training post, Afshin Ziafat, Lead Pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, TX, shares how he seeks to live the message he teaches.

Afshin states that he wants to make sure that his family is able to see that everything he teaches on Sunday is lived out at home.

Your family knows you better than any other members of your church. What do they see when you are at home? What positive and negative examples are you setting? Are there any ways you improve the way you lead your family?
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Take a moment and list the names of a few of your neighbors. Begin to think and pray through the list, asking the Lord how you might be able to minister to them. Who can you invite for dinner? Who can you serve by mowing their lawn or raking their leaves? Who needs to hear the gospel?
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The Lord has given you incredible opportunities to share His gospel in your neighborhood! Don't get so caught up in teaching a message that you fail to live that message out.