Every Ministry Leader Needs a Mentor

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All leaders can lose their way, especially during difficult times, that is why its important to have people with more experience to look to for direction. This illustration shows how seasoned leaders provide another perspective outside of our own and can help point us towards the direction we need to go.

Enduring gospel communities depend upon healthy, spiritually strong leaders, what can current ministry leaders do to prepare future church leaders for the struggles of ministry? In this video, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, shares how he develops and mentors future ministry leaders to prepare them for all aspects of ministry. 

Both seasoned and new ministry leaders model dependence and faith in God when they enter a mentoring relationship. The process of mentoring helps other people and congregations see and want to do the same. How can you model dependence and faith in God in your current relationships?
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Are you involved in a mentoring relationship? How has mentoring others changed you?
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All ministry leaders need a place where they can feel safe to engage and seek refuge when they are struggling. Where do you go when you're struggling? Who are your "band of brothers" who can help you during difficult times?
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Like the apostle Paul, mentors need to be approachable in order to pass their wisdom to the rising generation of ministry leaders. Mentors lead the way, encourage future ministry leaders while preparing them to do the work God has given them to do.