The Power of Young People in Ministry

Young People can be More than Just Interns

At First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, Florida, Pastor Jimmy Scroggins believes in the value of young people to the work of ministry. Listen as he explains why he appreciates the contribution of this often overlooked segment of the church.

Jimmy believes that young people are invaluable for his church's ministry because they offer the following attributes that older adults usually do not possess.
  • They have a lot of energy
  • They have a high capacity of available time
  • They believe they can meet great challenges and overcome serious obstacles

Where do young people currently serve in your church? What opportunities does it have for them to be involved in ministry?
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What are some examples of good "live fire" situations in your home church that young people could jump into? What ministries could benefit from an injection of energy, focus, flexibility and a capacity to believe?
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How do you determine when a live fire situation is too much? What are some jobs that you would not just throw a young person into?
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Rather than looking down on some because they are young, we can encourage them to be examples for other believers. That confidence will be a benefit to them as well as God's kingdom work.