Giving Church Planters a Quantum Leap In Ministry

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What can ministry leaders do to prepare and equip new church planters into ministry? Listen carefully as Alex Himaya, founding and Senior Pastor of The Church at BattleCreek, explains how he started developing, equipping and training future church planters to get them ready for ministry.

Without specific church-planting training and without field support in the form of a mentor, coach, supervisor or peer network, the task of starting a church can be daunting. How do you support and launch church planters in your church? What can you do to begin establishing a strategy to develop and train church planters?
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Read Acts 13:1–3. The church at Antioch was compelled to send both Paul and Barnabas as an extension of their responsibility to fulfilling the Great Commission. How is your church fulfilling its responsibility to "make disciples in every nation?" How can your church get more involved in church planting?
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How are you equipping the younger generation in becoming missional? What can you do to help them if they are considering church planting in the future?
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Christ has sent us to communities, cities and nations. Let's work with one another for the task of reaping God's harvest through church planting.