Applying the Gospel to Life and Ministry

There is Pleasure in Sharing the Gospel and in Teaching Others to do the Same

Luis Palau and his ministry have shared the Gospel with more than 1 billion people through evangelistic events and media. In this post, he speaks directly to church leaders who want to help those they lead grow in the gospel and apply it to their lives. Whether you are a pastor, discipleship leader or just wanting to grow in your understanding of evangelism, he has great advice for you here.

Luis summarized his advice with five things that a pastor should do for a younger man to help him live and apply the gospel.
  • be patient
  • be persistent
  • build closeness
  • pray with him
  • guide him into evangelistic experiences

How do you describe the difference between intellectual assent and application of the gospel?
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These simple steps apply to both men and women in mentoring or discipleship relationships. Identify two or three younger men or women who have the leadership potential that Luis mentioned. Why are they good candidates for a mentoring relationship and how can you help them move toward applying the gospel?
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Which of Luis's five steps is the hardest for you to adapt in your relationships? How will you overcome this difficulty for the good of the person whom you meet with?
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It takes time for a believer to get to a place of total boldness in sharing the gospel, but be persistent and loving as you help others come to the blessed place of consistently sharing God's wonderful grace.