3 Ways to Shift Your Church's Culture Towards Family

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What should church leaders do strategically in terms of programming and how they approach this culture's disregard for family? Listen carefully as Kurt Bruner, President of HomePoint, shares three objectives that will help church leaders implement a strategic program designed to teach people God's design for the home.

Kurt's strategic principles designed to teach people God's design for the home:   
  1. Make it easy for families to become intentional. 
  2. Create a campaign.
  3. Give your people a path. 

How are you intentional within your own home? What activities do you do that create opportunities for you talk to your family about your faith, struggles and needs?
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Does your church understand that discipleship and spiritual training starts at home? How are you communicating this responsibility to your families? How are you equipping them for how they should be training their children?
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Teaching families to be countercultural is a huge task to undertake. What can you do today to start thinking about moving your church towards family? Where can you start?
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Kurt said that as a church, we need to become very optimistic about family, so that we can shift the culture of our church and indirectly shift the culture of the community around us towards family. 
                                     What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and       
                                      love your family.
                                                                                                  ~ Mother Teresa