Biblical Manhood

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What is our culture teaching our boys about becoming a man? Listen carefully as Kurt Bruner, President of HomePoint Inc, shares his observation of today's culture trend and encourages parents to prompt their sons towards responsibility and manhood.

How has our culture influenced your view of marriage and family? How has this affected your pursuit of marriage and family? How has culture influenced your sons and daughters?
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Have you ever had an experience like Kurt where you had to gently, but sternly guide someone into truth specifically about the responsibilities God has given men?
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With the culture's disregard for family, how can parents help guide their sons into biblical manhood? What do parents need to know? In this next video, Kurt explains that because our culture has redefined the rights of passages for men, parents need to give their sons direction and guidance towards God's plan for them. 

Kurt said that historically there are five rights of passages for what's called adulthood for men:
1. Finish their education
2. Start their careers
3. Get their own homes
4. Become married
5. Have children

Have you ever specifically made a teaching point of manhood with any of the five rights of passages listed above? Notice how all of them build on each other and each give men an awareness of responsibility. How does this differ from how you are raising your sons?
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Face it. All kids want to grow up faster than they should so they seek the culture markers to see if they have reached maturity.  As parents, we need to teach our children to seek God's markers in their lives. 

Read 2 Peter 1:5–11. This passage gives us a checklist that helps us evaluate whether we are all that God wants us to be. How can we as believers reconcile the five rights of passages with what Scripture says about being mature?
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Self-control permeates Scripture as a marker that "promotes the kind of living that reflects wholesome teaching." Read Galatians 5:22–23; 1 Cor. 7:35–37; and Titus 2:2, 6–8, 11–12. How does your life reflect self-control? How does self-control teach males how to be the type of men God wants them to be?
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Christ set the example for all believers in regards to living a life worthy of glorifying God.  Thus, our goal as parents should be to teach our children to build on what has been given to them through the work of Christ. Kurt said, "…it has to come from us as parents to give them a vision for what can be and what should be and really what God made them for towards manhood as they mature."