8 Tips for the Perfect Place to Plant a Church

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If you are planning on church planting, you will not only need to prepare yourself to teach the Bible and serve your congregation, but you will face the added responsibility of learning about your new community and recruiting members. Luis Palau offers some wonderful strategies to help the new church planter get to know people and choose an ideal location for reaching out to the lost.

Luis offered the following eight ideas for identifying a community that was in need of the gospel and, therefore, a good location for a church plant.

  1. a faith background demographic study
  2. conversations with other local pastors from many demoninations
  3. mingle in the community
  4. befriend local politicians
  5. read the papers, looking for areas that are devoid of churches
  6. investigate retirement communities
  7. look for committed groups of Christians who want community but need a leader
  8. serve children and open up to conversations with their parents

What have you done so far to get to know the community you intend to serve?
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Consider the place that you have identified for your new congregation. Which of these ideas will be a good strategy for pinpointing the specific place for the plant? How do you plan to specifically implement these ideas?
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Luis talked about joining book club and coaching little league. What skills and interests do you have, other than Bible teaching and pastoring, that will give you a good in to learn about the community around you?
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No matter how prepared you are, church planting is difficult work. Faithfulness and patience with the Lord are your biggest keys, but it will only help you to diligently prepare the way Luis has described.