Make Time to Be Near the Lost

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Think about the people you know and interact with on a daily basis. How many of them are Christians? If you answered most or all, it's probably time to get out of the Christian bubble.  Andy Wood, Lead Pastor at South Bay Church in San Jose, CA reminds church planters why it's so important to stay close to those who are far from God. 

Andy points to Jesus as the ultimate example of how to be with people who are far from God. If you started spending the majority of your time each week with the lost, how would it change your ministry? How would it change the culture of your church?
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Where do opportunities already exist for your church to start building relationships with the people outside its walls? What steps can you take to move closer to those people?
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As you go through your usual routine this week, pay attention to the people around you. God is at work in someone's heart. Ask him to show you where he's opening a door to a new relationship beyond the walls of your church. Make time to be near those who are far from God.