The Gospel Focus of a Flourishing Church

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Luis Palau is a world-traveling evangelist who headquarters in Portland, Oregon. His ministry has communicated the gospel to more than 1 billion people and built churches across the United States. In this post, Luis emphasizes the need for a strong gospel focus in every church plant.

We do a lot of good work and help our communities, but it is the proliferation of the good news of Jesus Christ that makes a church truly a church.

What do you think about a church that does excellent service and charity work, but never discusses the gospel?
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For a Christian who has already accepted the gospel, what does it mean to have an ongoing commitment to the good news?
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What would it look like in your home church to give weekly opportunity to commit to the gospel's power and message?
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The gospel must be told over and over again, and we can never get tired of sharing it.