Living and Leading From Grace

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Do you have more questions than answers about where God has placed you? Listen carefully as Christine Hoover, author of "The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart," and a church planter's wife, explains why living and leading from grace is the most important part about leadership.

What concerns you the most about where God has placed you? What makes you nervous and scared about how you're leading?
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Christine said that our job as leaders is to receive and follow the Holy Spirit's leading as we guide others in our current ministries. How do you think your fear interferes with how you're leading? How does fear affect our ability to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit?
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Christine gave us two ways she encourages women to live on mission:
  1. Form a circle of confidants who will encourage you and pray for the relationships you are forming with unbelievers. 
  2. Train and teach those confidants about discipleship so they can form relationships outside of the church with unbelievers. 

Who are your mentors or confidants? What can you do to meet with them regularly for encouragement and prayer? What steps do you need to take to purposely engage in your community in ways that will give you opportunities to build relationships?
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Christine writes in her blog, "Going out on a limb is one sure way to know your character, for, in response to the discomfort, it will surely bubble up to the surface. With all safety harnesses gone, He speeds your spiritual growth, knowing that you have nothing else to cling to other than Him. There, in that fragile spot, we learn to depend on Him."