Lessons in Church Planting

The church planter must relentlessly focus on Jesus and his glory

Tony Merida is the Founding Pastor of Imago Dei Church and he continues to teach, preach, serve as an elder plus he teaches seminary courses at Southeastern Baptist Seminary. In the experience of starting Imago Dei, Tony learned some great lessons about planting churches, and in this post he shares five of the biggest ones.

Tony shared five lessons that he learned in his first year of church planting. 
  1. There is joy, freedom and challenge in working at being Christ centered
  2. It's better to have a team of pastors
  3. Invest in your core team early
  4. Lead from the pulpit
  5. Talk to non-christians from the pulpit
As you respond to the questions in this post, answer according to your particular experience, whether that be a church plant or established congregation.

How does a church body remain Christ-focused as a community of fellowship? How would you define a Christ-centered measure of success?
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What is leadership like at your church? Do a team of pastors share the responsibility or is one taking charge of everything? What do you think about the quality and effectiveness of this leadership style?
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What is the value in forming solid small groups before establishing the congregational worship? Which of these do you believe should drive the activity and fellowship of the church?
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How can a pastor lead from the pulpit? How does your pastor exhibit and give leadership while teaching on Sunday?
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Will non-christians who come to your Sunday worship feel that are on the outside, watching something that does not apply to them, or are your services a good evangelistic opportunity? What do you think is a good teaching strategy for making Sunday worship a good evangelism possibility?
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Leaders in the church should use strategy and careful planning to make wise decisions, but at the core of all the work must remain the central aim of faithfulness to Jesus.