How Disciple Making Works

The Disciple Making Relationship

Keith Wieser is the Church Planting Catalyst for the North America Mission Board and the Lead Pastor of Resonate Church, which he and his wife planted near the Washington State University campus. Keith and the people of his church understand and value the discipleship process. In this first clip, he describes the type of relationship between the disciple and discipler.

Describe your discipleship experience. Have you been mentored by a brother or sister? Have you taken a newer believer under your wing? How helpful have these experiences been in your Christian walk?
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What do you think it means to start discipleship with the little things? How would this approach tangibly work itself out in your discipleship relationships?
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Are you prepared to completely open yourself to a newer Christian that you might disciple? Are there parts of your life that you would not want to encourage another to follow? What are you going to do about these?
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When you are discipling another Christian, open up your life and show them what it looks like.

The Disciple Making Disciple

In this next clip, Keith encourages disciple makers to require their disciples to go and work with disciples of their own. Listen to him describe that process.

What does it look like to model discipleship for those you disciple? What would you share and how would you act?
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Does your church have a culture that is conducive to multi-generational discipling? In other words, will it be easy for you to be discipled while you disciple others and make these under you find their own younger Christians to disciple?
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This is a good reminder to all of us that salvation is just the beginning of discipleship. Discipleship is the lifelong process of all us who are in Christ to become more like our Savior.