Advice to Future Church Planters

Be authentic and available

After more than 40 years in ministry, John Bisagno has learned some things from the Lord about pastoring and work in the church. In this first video, he offers advice for a pastors/church planters on how to lead the next generation to live life on mission where they work, go to school and interact in their communities.

"When the fruit is ripe, you don't have to yank to pull it off the tree."

How can someone be so enthusiastic that it actually turns people off to the gospel? How can someone be rightly overjoyed and excited about the gospel message without repelling people?
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How are you leading people to be natural and likable with non-believers? How do lead people react to people who smoke, swear, get drunk, sleep around and live naturally like people without the Holy Spirit? How do you react, and do you think you need to change?
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Do you watch for witnessing opportunities? How do you pray for your own availability for evangelism?
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Build up other leaders

When a church plant begins, the staff is typically very small. The smart planter will look to bring up new leadership to help in the work . Dr. Bisagno addresses this issue by talking about some areas in which the local church needs to be developing future church planters, and how can they go about doing it.

If you pour your life into one or two at a time, really spend some time with them, then you may find one who will change the world.

Have you identified potential leaders in your congregation? What criteria do you use to mark someone as a future leader?
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Once you have identified a potential leader, what will you do to disciple and work with this person?
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Let God be God

Some of the best advice church planters will hear is to not work so hard. As a final word for this post, Dr. Bisagno advises church planters to wait on God's timing when the tendency is to push forward and get into a hurry.

The greatest ingredient in any decision to serve the Lord is not what it is, but what it can become. Be faithful and wait on God's timing.

Why can it be hard to wait on the Lord's timing? What is especially difficult for you personally?
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What are devotional things you can do to grow your ability to wait upon the Lord?
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As you think about your church plant, or just consider the possibility, remember what you have learned in this post. Be authentic in your evangelism, look for more leaders and wait on God's timing.

As a close to what you have learned today, watch this dramatic illustration of the great need for the church in this world.