Consecration, Transformation and God's Will

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Danny Akin is President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and teaches preaching and theology.  In this session from the 2013 SEND Conference, Danny encourages believers to place their lives under the lordship of Jesus Christ so that the will of God would be clear in their lives and in their ministry.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

How do you present yourself daily as a living sacrifice to God? How does that look like in your life? What do you need to put "to death" in order for you to fully live under the lordship of Christ?
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Danny asked, "Are you training people in the Word of God so faithfully and diligently that if you left tomorrow, there would be people to step up, open the Word of God and your church would not miss a beat?" Take time to answer the question now.
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Danny challenged church leaders to pursue their young people for training. Does Danny's appeal scare you or challenge you to follow through? How will you challenge the young people in your church? What other leaders can you bring alongside you to help you implement this challenge?
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Danny reminded us that sometimes the will of God is anything but easy. Think about your journey. How has God remained faithful to you despite your suffering? How did He remind you of His faithfulness and of His love for you?
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Satisfaction comes through the renewed mind that by testing you will discern God's will. Danny said, "God takes us down paths that we would never want to  go and yet is it down those hard difficult paths that God does His greatest work in our lives." 

For information about the upcoming Send Conference, go to NAMB.