How the Gospel Informs our Mission

As Christ Followers, we are tied to his vision

Muche is the Family Pastor and one of the original church planters at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In this powerful spoken word performance, he explains the great power of the gospel and our pressing need to tell the lost and dying world around us.

In the spaces below, you will read selected quotes from Muche's spoken word. Respond to each by applying the truth of his words to your own context and current situation. The following questions might help you interact with these selections.
  • How does this play out in your life? 
  • Are you guilty of failure in this area? 
  • Do you need to change to become more Christlike in this area? 
  • How has God blessed you in this respect? 
  • What do you think Muche is challenging you to do with these lines?

"Our life's been hidden by the cross.
While you contemplate,
death keeps kissing folks on the lips
while the rest cry a river of regret."
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"We live our life in fragments.
The fact is
we don't walk like we talk
'cause His heart ain't attractive."
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"This life is mist, a vapor at best.
If you blink you could miss,
plus it's more than your breaths.
It's found in the Son. We are tied to a vision."
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"The gospel in life; it's an art not a formula.
A+B=C? That isn't forming you.
We're staring at his face,
contemplating grace."
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"Sights on eternity
even when it's burning me.
Life's just a tool to refine our intimacy."
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We have been gripped by Christ's grace, but all around us the world is lost and dying. Take heed of Muche's message and live your life on mission wherever God has placed you.

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