A Contagious Worship Culture

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Listen carefully as Brett Younker explains the privilege believers have in coming together in the presence of God to worship Him.

Brett shared how important it is for his church to remember the privilege it is to be in the presence of God—tuning in to listen to a holy God and responding to what we hear and see. 

How do you demonstrate the privilege you have as a believer to worship God? Would your family and friends describe you as someone who is in tune to listening and responding to God?
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Genuine worship results in a net increase of the personal awe of God and ultimately it changes the life of a believer. How do you think worship changes the life of the believer? How has coming together to worship God changed your life?
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In this next video, Brett defines worship as not just a song, but the entire life of a believer. 

Read John 4:1–42. How does Jesus reveal a better way to approach the subject of worship? Click all that apply.

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Genuine worship changes the life of a believer in a way that is contagious. How does the woman at the well exemplify this truth? Does your life—your act of worship—attract people? How are you living a life that makes people want to follow Christ?
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Remember the woman at the well. That day, out of the overflow of her worshipful spirit, she brought an entire town to meet Jesus. As we seek to glorify Jesus with our lives—worshiping Him who saved us—our hope in Christ alone will be contagious.