Disciple-Making Movements

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On February, 2010 participants of the Verge Conference came together to learn and think through Missional Church and the DNA of Gospel Movements. In this session, David Garrison, International Mission Board’s Global Strategist for Evangelical Advance, shares a brief summary of the disciple-making movements around the world.  

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

Read Habakkuk 1:5. Think about your ministry and what God has done in the past several years. Write down the things that have surprised you.
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David shared how quickly the gospel spread in Cuba, Bangladesh, Iran and China despite governmental imposed restrictions. How does this encourage you in your ministry? What does this teach you about God's plan versus your plan?
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What can you pray about in regards to the work you want God to do in your ministry? What can you pray about in regards to the work God wants you to do for His glory? Take some time and pray as God continues to work through you and your ministry.
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