Planting in Diverse Places

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Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and his experience has helped him to understand church planting and diverse communities. He emphasizes an intersection of the story of God with the stories of ourselves and the community in which we serve.

How would you describe the density and diversity of the culture within reach of your church? Include all the various cultures that your church ministry could potentially impact?
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What is the story of your community? How did its diversity develop? What old hurts and sins continue to plague the families who live there? What must your church be aware of before it goes out to minister?
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How will you use the story of the gospel to make an impact in the community around you? What are some specific things that your church could do to make a unique impact on the particular culture of your surrounding community?
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As a close, watch the following real life illustration about a small Bible study group that saw a need in the community around them and used it to love people in Jesus' name.