The Search for Truth

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Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, but he did not grow up in church and found himself searching everywhere for truth when he was a young man. This is his story of how Jesus ultimately captured him with the truth of the gospel.

Read Acts 17:16–34. Think about the similarities between Dhati when he was still searching for truth and the men of the Areopagus. 

What is the dominant non-Christian faith or religion of the community in which you live? How can you engage its adherents with the gospel?
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What has been your experience in searching for the truth? How have you investigated different faith systems, and what has this study done for your understanding of life and Christianity?
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Explain the crucial role that listening plays in evangelism. How will listening to other people talk about their belief system help you in sharing the gospel with them?
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There are many other religions and belief systems in the world, and our culture is becoming increasingly open to pluralism. Listen well to these other views while tightly holding to the truth of the gospel. The respect that we show to others will open up great opportunities to show Christ's love.