Promoting Missional Living In Your Church

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Listen carefully as Jonathan Falwell, Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, explains why it's important for church leaders to find different and creative ways to motivate, encourage and equip people to go out and build relationships outside of the church's walls. 

Jonathan shared how Thomas Road deploys people outside of its walls:
  • They take the Sunday School model and put it in homes and workplaces. 
  • They set up Lifegroups that meet in different settings such as the internet, the hospital and in prisons.
  • They equip and encourage through the internet by providing resources.
  • They tell people that everyone is a minister. 

What other ideas do you have that will encourage and motivate your people to pursue missional living? How can you use TRBC's model within your own church? What can you do to implement these ideas?
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What para-church organizations are there in your community? How can your ministry partner with them so that your church will get motivated to serve outside of its walls? What does your church get passionate about and how can you use that to motivate them to step out of their comfort zones?
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The church is our training ground and the world is our mission field. This reflective illustration inspires us to find strength in the church and put our faith in action outside of its walls.

All of us are called to live out the mission statement that Jesus gave us. As Jonathan said, "Recognize and realize that what the church did yesterday is not necessarily what the church needs to do today to reach the people of tomorrow." Pray that God will move, inspire and motivate your people to go outside of its walls to reach the world with the gospel of Christ.