Unstoppable: Free and Fully Alive

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Louie Giglio, Founder of the Passion Conferences and Pastor of Passion City Church, teaches from Philippians 1 at the 2011 Passion Conference to explain how God will take the most unqualified people, even His enemies, and redeem them to do ministry to His glory.

Before you begin this post, read all of Philippians 1. Think about Paul's instruction and his example in this chapter as you answer the following questions.

Do you sometimes feel that you might be useless in a particular work or ministry? Why do you think that? Has Louie's message encouraged you to the contrary?
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In what area of your life do you typically believe you cannot change?
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Louie said, "Circumstances do not have any power over us both being free in Christ and fully alive." Of what circumstances do you need to let worry go and trust in God's hands?
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What are you doing in your life now that will preach Christ well at your funeral?
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Even when we were Christ's enemies, he still died for us. The Lord's great use of the apostle Paul should be a powerful lesson to all of us that God's plan for us can overcome any of our own failures. May the presence of Jesus in your life drown out everything else that doesn't matter.

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