Ideas for Implementing Apologetics in Women's Ministry

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Mary Jo Sharp, founder of Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry, shares some practices and equipping ideas that church leaders can incorporate into their women's ministry to promote and implement the study of apologetics.

Most women run away as soon as apologetics is mentioned. What do you do to train women not to fear apologetics? What can you do to get women excited about studying apologetics?
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In her book, Defending the Faith: Apologetics in Women's Ministry, Mary Jo writes that beyond their homes, women influence friends, neighbors, employers/employees and coworkers. Wherever women go, whatever women do, people will notice women's commitment to the truth about God in the way they speak and conduct their lives.

How does this influence your decision to implement an apologetics study into your women's ministry? Since women have a huge impact, how can you reiterate the importance of understanding the reasoning behind our beliefs as Christians to the women in your church?
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To proceed implementing apologetics studies into your ministry, Mary Jo gave us four basic goals. Which one will your ministry find the most difficult to implement? Rank the goals from hardest to easiest.

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Help women understand the need for and importance of apologetics.
Establish a safe environment in which women can learn.
Leaders must either create or obtain a program of study.
Handle the number of objections against the idea of studying apologetics.

How will you handle the difficult one? What can you do now to make it easier to achieve?
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Sharp also suggests that there is a tendency for women to view their faith, church and ministries as “providing a neat, tidy package of safety and security in this life." She encourages women to be like Priscilla who Paul commended for “risking her neck” for him (Rom. 16:4). 

How do you teach the women in your ministry the value of risk in studying apologetics? How will you implement the need for apologetics in your church ministry?
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While it is the Holy Spirit who draws and converts, not us, that doesn’t mean we can avoid witnessing to others as the Great Commission is still very much in effect today. Studying apologetics will help women learn to live what they believe and in turn people will see the gospel of grace clearly in their lives. Pray as you plan how you're going to get the women in your ministry excited so that you can all go on this journey of answering the hard questions of the faith together. 

If you would like to read more about implementing apologetics into your women's ministry, you can find Defending the Faith: Apologetics in Women's Ministry here