3 - Cultivating a Heart for Others

Evaluating Your Missional Heartbeat

More than once in Scripture, Jesus calls us to serve others. In John 13, Jesus goes so far as to wash His disciples' feet—a striking example of humble service. Most of us know that we are supposed to humbly serve others, but sometimes we just don’t know how to get started. Watch this video, and notice all the creative ways this church has served in their community.

I love what Pastor Rizzo said, “People today want to see it before they will believe it.” As you watched that video, was there any particular area how The Healing Place Church serves that resonates with you?
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A major goal for your group should be to find an area where you can serve together. But before you jump right in and announce to your group that you will be spending every Friday night for the next year at a local soup kitchen, you might want to evaluate what your group thinks about in the area of service. Listen to these wise words from Bill Search about cultivating a heart for others.

Is your group showing any of the clues that show you've lost your missional edge? Has your group become missional or self-absorbed? If so, what might you do this coming week to begin to plant the seeds of a “servolution” within your own group?
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Developing a Heart for Others Inside Group Time

In this next video, Bill gives practical ways for you to encourage your group members to develop a heart for others that you can do during your regular group time.

Bill suggested four ways to encourage service during group time:
  • Study God’s Word and adopt the same posture as Jesus.
  • Adopt a ministry and pray for them; find out what the needs are.
  • Adopt a country or missionary.
  • Serve together during your normal group time.

Which of these four is the most likely for your group to do? Can you think of any other ways your group could serve that Bill didn’t mention?
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Developing a Heart for Others Outside Group Time

Bill also has several ways to encourage your group to develop a missional pattern by serving together outside your group time.

Bill mentioned three broad areas where we can develop a heart for others outside of group time:
  • Serve together at church.
  • Serve regularly outside in the community.
  • Open your hearts and lives to people already around you.
Someone once said that our compassion and care for others is the greatest apologetic for Christianity. Take some time this coming week to pray about how God might use your group. As you catch the vision, talk with your group and pray together. Then choose an area where you can serve, and do it!

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