2 - Changing to Be Like Christ

Is Your Faith in Kindergarten?

In this series, Bill Search, Senior Pastor of Rolling Hills Christian Church in Eldorado Hills, California, talks about three healthy biblical patterns that every group needs to develop. In this second part, Bill focuses on the need for the members of your group to be growing and becoming more like Christ.

Scripture is clear that Christians are to mature in their faith—both in knowledge and understanding of the Word and in behavior, obedience and action (Hebrews 5:11–14). But just like the early Hebrews, we can also have a tendency to remain spiritual infants. Take a look at this amusing analogy.

Is your faith still in kindergarten? Take a moment to think about your own spiritual maturity. Where are you growing? In what areas do you feel God still wants you to mature? I’m not asking you to write these down here, but be aware of the journey God is taking you on. After you finish this post, you might consider showing this video clip to your small group. Then take some time to discuss what it means to become more like Jesus.

Helping People Grow During Group Time

So how do you, as the small group leader, help others in your group grow spiritually? In this next video clip, Bill gives excellent advice on how to help people grow in their knowledge and faith during small group time.

Bill mentioned four specific things you can do as a leader to help others grow:
  1. Make sure the Bible is the central part of your discussion and the authority for life.
  2. Make sure everyone participates and shares what they really believe; not what they think you want to hear.
  3. Rotate leading the group.
  4. Set aside a special meeting for everyone to share spiritual goals, then hold each other accountable.

Which of the four are you currently doing? Which idea can you incorporate into your next group meeting?
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Helping People Grow Outside Group Time

Becoming more like Jesus isn’t something we are to do just during small group. Listen as Bill gives some practical tips you can pass on to your group to encourage them to grow in their faith outside of group time.

Bill had four suggestions to help your group members become more like Christ outside of group time.
  1. Attend church regularly
  2. Have a personal devotional time
  3. Read/watch/listen to other good resources
  4. Serve

One of the best ways to lead a small group is by example. Now this isn’t meant to heap on the guilt, but how are you doing in each of these four areas? How can you encourage your group to be more involved in these four areas?
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