1 - Connecting with One Another

Building a Relational Bridge

Strong relationships—ones that withstand time and adversity—have one key ingredient: love. Watch this short video.

In John 13:35, Jesus says that our love for one another demonstrates to others that we are His followers. How can you build a small group that genuinely demonstrates Christ’s love to each other and to those around you? Were there any aspects of loving one another mentioned in the video that you find particularly challenging?
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In this first video, Bill talks about how to build authentic relationships where people feel accepted and why it is so important.

Bill said that you must build relationships that are “strong enough to hold the weight of truth.” What does that mean to you? What aspects of God’s Truth found in His Word might people in your group disagree about? What kinds of difficult conversations have you had that required you to have a strong relationship with the one you are talking with?
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Building Relationships During Group Time

Okay, so we know that building strong, loving relationships is key, but how exactly do we do that? In this next video, Bill offers some very practical suggestions on how to build the "relational bridge" during your small group time.

Bill mentioned five very practical things that you can do as a leader to help encourage deeper relationships during your small group time. They are:
  1. Icebreakers
  2. Food
  3. Rotate who hosts the group
  4. Give everyone a job or role in the group
  5. 20-minutes short biographies of each person in your group

These are all great ideas. You might not be able to implement them all during you next session, but which idea will you try this coming week? Can you think of any others?
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Building Relationships Outside Group Time

Your group time isn’t the only time that you can work at building relationships with your group members. In this next video, Bill gives us several ideas for growing our relationships outside of group time.

Bill gave us 6 suggestions for connecting with our group members outside of group time.
  1. Attend church together
  2. Serve together, in church or outside of church
  3. Go out together
  4. Road trip…but you have to carpool
  5. Retreat
  6. Do a mission trip together

Given how long your group has been together and how strong your relationships are, which outside activity should your group try? What have you tried already? Can you think of any other ideas?
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