Handling the Tough Questions

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Mary Jo Sharp, founder of Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry talks about how hypocrisy in the church led her to question her faith in God. 

Name some of the reasons that you have heard (inside and outside the church) for why people doubt the existence of God? How did you react to those reasons? Did you have the same doubts and questions?
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Do you believe that answering your doubts and offering reasons for your belief in God takes away from faith in God? How does understanding our reason for believing in God increase your faith?
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Is it important for believers to know the answers to the questions that we have about God? Will it make a difference if we can clearly clarify our beliefs? Listen as Mary Jo discusses why it’s important for believers to know the reasoning behind their beliefs and how it impacts the way they live out their everyday mission.

Mary Jo gives us two explanations of why it's important to know the reasoning behind our faith.
  • Scripture tells us we need to be prepared to give a defense of the hope.
  • It is for our own honesty and integrity.

Read 1 Peter 3:1–16. Notice that Peter says we are suppose to give the reason for why we have hope at all. How does this scripture change how you have approached your doubts and questions? Do you think defending your beliefs could have an impact on you and on others? Why or why not?
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What difference do you think it would make in your life if you felt really comfortable sharing your faith with others?
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In her book, "Why do You Believe That?," Mary Jo shares how many Christians fall into the trap of not dealing with the tough questions and instead they just become content to stay in a simple child-like faith. What can you do right now to get answers to the doubts and questions that you might have?
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Apologetics or the defense of our beliefs gives us insight into why we believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection are good news for mankind. Studying the reasoning of our beliefs will not only help us answer the tough questions but it will also break down walls so that others can see the message of hope in our lives.

If you would like to read more about apologetics, you can find Defending the Faith here