What it Means to Show Up for God

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The New Canaan Society exists to inspire a global connected network of men who are committed to friendship with Jesus and each other. Greg Brenneman worked as an executive for Quizno's, Burger King, and Continental Airlines and then became the Chairman and Founder of the CCMP Capital Group. At the 2011 New Canaan Society Conference, he uses his experiences in business to make connections to the Christian life. He shares how Caleb's leadership alongside Joshua at the outskirts of the Promised Land serves as a great model for all of us who want to honor God in the role he has given us in the marketplace. 

Greg mentioned many different qualities and action that comprise what it means to show up for God. Some of these are...
  • Faithfully reading the Word and praying each day
  • Do not worry about recognition - have the humility to support other leaders
  • Always stand up for righteousness
  • Put your relationship with Jesus  above your work
  • Consistently serve as part of a church
  • Love Jesus in all parts of your life
  • Treat others with dignity and respect
  • Mentor and fellowship with others
  • Use the platform you are given to access the people around you

What do you do to consistently show up for God? Where do you need to improve in the way that you display your willingness to serve the Lord?
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Greg developed a four part plan for his life which he based on a business plan that had proven successful.
  1. Develop a Deep Walk with God
  2. Depart a Lasting Christian Legacy to my Family
  3. Reach Others for Christ and Pour Myself out into Mentoring Other Men
  4. Leave a Lasting Stewardship Legacy

What do you do with the Lord in order to become an intimate of the Lord? How can you be better?
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Which of Greg's ideas for a Christian legacy can you apply to your family? What are some other things you can do to create a shared faith in your family unit?
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Using our typical picture and expectation for evangelism, Greg is not a natural evangelist. Many of us are not. There are, however, many ways to evangelize. Greg starts by sending out books in order to start a dialog. What is a natural way that you can enter into potentially evangelistic conversations?
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What is something practical that you and your family can do to change from an input focus on money to a output focus of good stewardship?
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Living a life of showing up for the Lord means a long obedience of humble service in whatever position that God has placed you. Prayerfully consider what you have learned from and written in this post, and look to apply these things as you show up.

If you would like to learn more about the work and ministry of the New Canaan Society, you may visit their website here.