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Many people think that they can't make a difference. They live distracted lives; separating their Sunday worship from Monday work. But the church is our training ground and the world is the mission field. 

Take a look at this illustration that inspires church leaders to unleash people to do what they were made to do for the sake of the gospel.

We have to stop compartmentalizing life into “church activities” and “work activities.” Those in the marketplace are on the frontline of bringing God's grace to those they work with. How can church leaders validate the important mission of the people who go to work each day? 

In this clip Don Barefoot, President C12, encourages pastors to make sure they are equipping business leaders to serve Christ in the marketplace.

Don talked about being intentional to eliminate the sacred/secular divide. Are you buying into the divided life? Do you consider it a higher calling to be in professional ministry? Do you minimizing the holiness of people's calling into the marketplace? What would your congregation say? Is there anything that needs to change?
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Worship is not something we do for a couple of hours on the weekend. How are you giving business people and families a healthy perspective of work so they will see all of their lives as an expression of faith?
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How are you intentional equipping and encouraging people to make an impact for Christ outside the walls of the church?
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Pastors can validate the calling of people who go to work each day. Small group leaders are also key in helping people eliminate the divide between sacred and secular. 

In this next video clip, Don talks about the influence that small group leaders can have in the lives of those they lead.

Small group leaders are key in the lives and discipleship of the group they lead. How are they/you seeing the needs of small groups? How are they/you talking about being on mission in every area of life?
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Don referenced Eph. 4:15 to encourage small group leaders to speak the truth in love. Does anyone in your group have a divided life? How can you help them connect Sunday worship to Monday life?
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The Church is the people—not the building, so every week the Church is going to work. Church leaders and business people must work together if we are truly going to see millions of business people unleashed on mission for God. Revival will take root in the marketplace because that is where the people are!

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