Just 3 Questions about Leadership with D.A. Horton

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In the first clip of this training post, D.A. answers, "Who is the best leader you have ever sat under, and why were they so good?"

D.A. remembers John Mark Clifton from Wornall Road Baptist Church as his best leader. He helped D.A. by believing in him, championing his ability, giving him a chance to preach, encouraging him like a son, and crying with him. Can you identify someone in your church who you can encourage in these ways? How will you specifically help this person?
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Who gave you a chance and encouraged you when you were yet to begin your regular adult ministry?
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Part of the way that leaders disciple younger Christians is by giving them a chance to do the work of ministry. Give thanks for those that have taken a chance on you, and look for opportunities to encourage the next generation of leaders.

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In this next clip, D.A. answers, "What is the most important thing you do to develop leaders?"

D.A. said that his investment of time included fun social activity and normal conversation, but that he looked for places in the discussion to enter into teachable moments about Scripture and the Christian life. Are you putting yourself in position to have these kind of conversations? How can you increase your chances to enter these kind of conversations?
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The second part of D.A.'s leadership development is transparency. Do disciples under your leadership know your flaws and temptations? How can you reveal your dependance on the Lord to those that look to you for guidance?
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As you spend time with people from your congregation, look for those teachable moments when you can share from Scripture and display your own walk as an example of living well for Christ's name.

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D.A. also answered the question, "What is the most important thing you do to develop yourself as a leader?"

D.A. said that his regular quiet time includes these four points of prayer
  1. He asks God to open the eyes of his heart
  2. To let him maximize the moments of his day
  3. He confesses his sins
  4. He acknowledges his dependance on God

What regular plan do you have for your quiet time with the Lord? When do you usually do it? What do you read? How do you reflect? Where do you focus your prayer? If you do not have a plan, then work on it in this space.
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Who do you go to for accountability? Do these other people feel the freedom to ask you pointed, hard questions? Are they aware of your blind spots and temptations?
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As an added bonus, D.A. added this last thought about the power of the gospel in his life.  The question is, "What is the most important thing you do to develop your faith on a daily basis?"

Do you feel that you operate in a performance trap? What is the biggest performance temptation for you?
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How can a constant awareness of the gospel and grace keep you from an unhealthy need to perform?
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In the end, D.A. said these words that should speak for all of us who have been redeemed. "It is the gospel that builds my faith. I genuinely mean it because I am free from the performance trap, I'm free from self induced legalism, and I'm free to be utilized by God."