Three Beautiful Truths about the Gospel

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D.A. Horton is the Executive Director of Reach Life Ministries, the non-profit ministry of reach records, which is focused on reaching urban youth with the gospel. In this training post, D.A. focuses on a few things that we must remember as we consider our mission as disciples to share the gospel.

D.A.  told us that we should remember three simple truths about our calling.
  1. Our call in the mission of God is to translate the Word of God.
  2. The gospel transcends all cultures.
  3. We are free from the performance trap.

Our methods never save people, but are there to help the lost meet with the Holy Spirit. Do you have a method? What plan or strategy do you use to share the gospel? Do you ever let your plan become the focus over the story of Jesus?
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Read Galatians 3:26–28. Where do you have the ability to transcend other cultures? How can you develop relationships in your sphere of influence with people that are not normally who you would go to for companionship?
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How do you sense the freedom that comes with knowing you are not bound by your performance? What does it free you to do?
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D.A. said that we are called "to communicate high theology in the heart language of the people." In one paragraph, simply explain the gospel in a way that you might communicate to those people you mentioned in question 2.
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God was estranged from us because of our filthiness, but He still sought us. Praise Him that he does not look at our sin, but at the perfect sacrifice of Jesus.

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