Just 3 Questions about Leadership with Lecrae

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Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a great leader? In the Just 3 Questions series, we’ve asked some of today’s top leaders three simple questions about leadership.

Lecrae is the President of Reach Records and a hip-hop artist and producer. In this first video, he answers, "Who is the best leader you have ever sat under and why were they so good?"

Lecrae doesn't have a single influencer who has meant the most to him. What about the leaders you have sat under? Who are the top two or three that have collectively had an impact on you, and what did each contribute?
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Lecrae believes that since no one person has all of the gifts, this is a great picture of biblical discipleship. Other people will say that the intimacy of a single invested mentor is vital. What do you think is the ideal situation for discipleship?
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In this next clip, Lecrae answers, "What is the most important thing you do to develop leaders?"

Do you have a person or two that you are discipling? What opportunity do they have to watch you do the everyday? How can you be strategic and intentional about bringing someone along to see you handle ministry situations?
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If someone is watching you to try and emulate you, will they learn how to walk with the Lord? What are the best lessons that a person could learn about the faith by watching the way that you live?
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For this third clip, Lecrae has been asked the question, "What is the most important thing you do to develop yourself as a leader?"

How do you lean on the Lord for leadership? What lessons about leadership have you learned from reading about Jesus in the gospels?
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Have you noticed the phenomenon that Lecrae described in your own life? How has your leadership suffered during those times when you are far from the Lord? How have you been surprised by your own great leadership decisions when you are walking closely with Jesus?
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As a bonus question, Lecrae answers, "What is the most important thing you do to develop your faith on a daily basis?"

Outside of reading the Bible and prayer, Lecrae also listens to sermons and reads lectures. What supplementary things do you do to add to your learning and hear from the Lord?
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What are the extra spaces of time in your life? When might you be able to fit in extra time with the Lord each day or week?
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Every leader has his own set of skills and experiences, but we can all learn from one another when we dialogue like this. Continue to pray and go to Scripture as your primary tools for good leadership. Like Lecrae said, when we are leading at our best, it is really Christ woking through us.

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