How Christian Men Man Up

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Rapper and Producer Lecrae launched a media campaign called “Man Up”, intended to mentor male urban youths on fatherhood and biblical manhood. In this post, he teaches some of the lessons from the Man Up curriculum. He encourages men to be wary of the cultural temptations to be weak and selfish and gives advice to the church to help these men live in the strength that God intends for them.

What behavior have you seen as evidence of "adultescence" in your church? How are these men letting the world influence them more than the Word?
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Lecrae said that men crave adventure, and if they can't build something good for the church then this desire will find a negative outlet elsewhere. What are some constructive, adventurous activities that men can lead for the good of the church?
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Reach Records made a movie and held a conference. Your church probably does not have the resources to create a full length film, but what creative thing can you do to teach biblical manhood? Start a mentoring program? Seminar? Activities that connect men?
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Lecrae reminded us that Jesus, as the ultimate man, modeled selflessness and sacrifice, acceptance of responsibility, and rejection of passivity. When we live these things well, we point people to our king.

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