Live the Gospel in the Day to Day

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Lecrae works as a hip-hop artist, record company president, producer, and ministry leader, and he is a family man. It would be easy for someone with so many responsibilities to segment them to unrelated parts of his life, but his faith is the common thread through them all. In this post, he teaches that devotion to Christ should infect every other part of our lives.

Lecrae said that success is becoming all that God intends for him to be, and that means learning to demonstrate his faith in every part of  his life. He listed three areas in which we can live our mission so that we have a great impact on the world around us.
  1. Good business ethics
  2. Creation of quality art
  3. Articulate a biblical worldview in everything we do

Are you engaging people around you in your work or business? How do you penetrate these relationships with the gospel?
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What do you create? What is your primary artistic outlet, and do you do this with excellence? How might doing this create a vibrant Christian witness?
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Can others around you see a Jesus-honoring lifestyle in the way you perform the everyday, mundane parts of life? How might you change so that this becomes integral to who you are?
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If you are teaching people how to live life on mission, that is good, but our most effective lessons are the ones we live in front of others. Like Lecrae said, we have not been called to talk about fishing, but actually throw our lines into the water.

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