To be Made Clean featuring Beth Moore

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Beth Moore, author and Founder of Living Proof Ministries, speaks about hope for healing. In this 39 minute session, she addresses the misconception that some of us are too sinful or that our problems are too small. No matter the size of your former sin, God desires and waits to heal you if you will simply trust Him.

"Somehow we think this infinite God has a finite attention span. Or that He has finite compassion, or finite expertise, or finite resources, but He is not a consumable commodity that we can use up." God is waiting for you to take the risk of exposing your greatest need and leaving it at the foot of the cross.

Beth said that, "for most of us, the greatest need we have for healing is something intensely private." If you are prepared to share your greatest need, where do you need God to heal you? If you are not ready to reveal this, who is a person with whom you have accountability and could prayerfully considering sharing this problem?
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What social fears keep you from sharing your ailments with other believers? What good might come to you if you overcome these fears?
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How do you pray for healing? For how long have you asked God to heal you? Do you ever struggle by wondering if God is listening?
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How have personal feelings of uncleanliness kept you far from the Lord? What needs to change for you in your perception of your identity in Christ?
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It was not the woman's touch that made her clean, but her faith. Jesus is not asking you to perform before he heals you. Trust him and know that he is more than able to redeem whatever you have done.

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