How to Unleash Your Business Leaders

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God has a purpose for us on this earth. That calling is to be on mission for God whether we work at a church, school, software company, bank or in the home. How can the church validate this calling in the life of people who go to work each day?  

Take a look at this reflective illustration which inspires us to find strength in the church and put our faith in action outside its walls.

The church is the training ground and the world is the mission field.  Bill Peel talks to church leaders and small groups about the importance of encouraging and equipping people to close the gap between Sunday faith and Monday work. 

Bill is the founding Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University. He is an award-winning author of seven books including Workplace Grace. 

How are you equipping and encouraging your people to fulfill their calling out in the world? How are you inspiring them to fulfill their calling outside the walls of the church?
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How are you giving business people and families a healthy perspective of work that will impact generations to come? How are you helping them understand that Scripture applies to the work place?
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Would your people say that the church is there to serve people or the church is there to be served? Why? Is there anything that needs to change?
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Just as the message from the pulpit can and should validate and equip people for the mission, small groups have the added benefit of working within relationships to play an important role and re-enforce that work is important to God. 

How are your small group leaders reinforcing that work is important in their small group settings? Is there something that needs to change?
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We pray for and about what is important in our lives. What does your small group pray for?
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If the church doesn't shape the values, vision and faith of people for the mission they are on, the marketplace will form them spiritually. God cares about work and he's right there with us in the work place. 

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