Raised to Life by the Breath of God

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Louie Giglio, Founder of the Passion Conferences and Pastor of Passion City Church, gives this closing message at the 2013 Passion Conference. Our message to the world is that we were once dead, but God has breathed life into us and made us alive. This makes us members of Christ's church and gives us the mission of sharing our story with a lost and dying world.

Because God has made us alive, we have the Spirit enabling us to go on mission for Him. If the breath of God is in you, then you must exhale it in worship and in the proclamation of the gospel.

Louie said there is no divide between God breathing life into us and sending us out on mission. How have you seen belief in this divide by other Christians?
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He went on to say that if you are not feeling the anointing of God, you are probably not preaching good news to the poor or helping captives go free. How are you doing with mission? Do you regularly serve in God's name, and do you feel the Spirit working through you?
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How have you experienced fire that has prepared you to enter into ministry?
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What are some specific ways that you are now alive where you were once dead? What has God changed in you? How can you use these scars to share your faith?
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The world will not be impacted because we are good people, but by the light that we shine on Jesus.

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