The Significance of the Table and the Cup

2013 Passion Conference

Beth Moore, author and founder of Living Proof Ministries, gives a thoughtful, historical teaching about the great depth and detail that took place at the Last Supper. She explains the deep significance of the bread and wine and other things present that we typically never consider. Jesus not only gave us the ordinance of communion, but he taught a powerful lesson by the particular way that he administered the Passover Feast to his disciples.

Beth gave us so much great information about the Passover (sader) meal. Taking from God's promise in Exodus 6:5–7, the meal would have four toasts, symbolizing these four things:
  1. Cup 1 - I will bring you out.
  2. Cup 2 - I will deliver you from slavery.
  3. Cup 3 - I will redeem you.
  4. Cup 4 - I will take you to be My people.

How has God fulfilled each of these things in your life? In other words, what has he brought you out of? What has he delivered you from? How have you been redeemed? How does He continue to bless you as His child?
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How is communion normally performed in your church? What is the congregational attitude toward it (joyful, solemn, bored, hurried, etc.)? How would you evaluate your church's observance based on Beth's lesson?
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What was the most significant new thing you learned about the symbolism of the Passover meal?
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How can you regularly incorporate memory of the good things God has done for you into your life?
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Read Psalm 118. List some blessings from the Lord for which you are glad.
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The next time you take communion at your church, think about all of this rich meaning that Jesus inserted into it. Approach the table with great joy and thankfulness, remembering the great things that Christ has done for us.

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