Our God is Faithful

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In this 47 minute session from the 2013 Passion Conference, author and pastor Francis Chan speaks to God's unending faithfulness and the absolute assurance we can have that He will always keep His promises. God cannot deny His own character, and He gives His children the ability to remain steadfast, even though we fall.

Read Matthew 28:19–20, Acts 1:8 and Acts 16:16–18. "If you really want to experience God, then go and make disciples."

How evident is your faith to the world around you? Do you believe that people notice a difference in you because you are walking so closely with the Lord?
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Do you actively work at making disciples? What will disciple making look like in your life?
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Read 2 Timothy 2:11–13. If you fear God, there is no need to fear anything else.

Do you have persistent fears? Why do these things continue to frighten you, and which promises of God can help you to overcome this fear? List the verses here for the promises that you will cling to.
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Read Hebrews 3:12–14 and Deuteronomy 7:9–10. Many trust God's promises of blessing but not His threats of punishment. Others do not trust God's promises because they can't believe He will forgive the severity of their sins. Either way, we should all remember that no action of ours can change God's character. He will always remain faithful to Himself.

Have you heard teaching like Francis discussed, that focuses on the good promises but never reads the punishments? What happened in your experience?
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Why can this kind of teaching be damaging? What is the positive value in reading and believing God's threats of punishment?
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How do you specifically relate to the story of Hosea? What hope does it give you to hear that story told?
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As a close to this training, read Revelation 21 and be excited about the promises of God.

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