Grace in Freedom

2013 Liberate Conference

Speakers of the Liberate 2013 Conference: Grace in Practice came together in February of 2013 to explore what grace looks like in the Christian life—in our personal failures and within our families, communities and church. Steve Brown, radio broadcaster, seminary professor and author, challenges us to celebrate God's grace in our freedom.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

Through looking at the life of Christ, Steve gave us principles on how we should live and act toward others. 
  1. Be normal. Act and be yourself. 
  2. Don't be looking for sin in other people. Remember you are sinful too. Instead, look for repentance in others. 
  3. Remember that your sin, weaknesses and failures are the best thing about you because when you are weak, He is strong. 
  4. Don't use obedience so that you can pretend to be righteous. Surround yourself with people who will point out your arrogance. 
  5. Ugliness will always try to destroy the beauty inside you, but remember that God is working in your life (Philippians 1:6). 
  6. Be merciful. Jesus was all about mercy. We need to remember Christ's mercy in the midst of our failures and in the lives of others. 
  7. Go out and play, enjoy life! We need to remember to live a life that demonstrates repentance, grace and freedom so that others can see the gospel in our lives. 

Read over the principles again. How do you feel about these principles? Do you agree with them? All of them? If you don't, which ones strike you as odd? And why?
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How will you apply these principles to your life? What do you need to change about how you treat others? Who in your life demonstrates each of these principles?
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Steve reminds us that most of the time, we are afraid to be ourselves because we fear rejection, especially from those who are suppose to love us the most, our brothers and sisters in Christ. How can you continue to share the good news towards those who oppose and reject you? How can you teach others to be gracious of those who disagree with them?
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Steve encouraged us to go, play and celebrate life. Soon, our actions will "speak" the gospel to others and they will want the Living Water. List some of the ways that you are enjoying life at home, work and in your church? What changes do you need to make so that you're not to caught up with what others expect from you?
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