Grace in the Church

2013 Liberate Conference

Speakers of the Liberate 2013 Conference: Grace in Practice came together in February of 2013 to explore what grace looks like in the Christian life—in our personal failures and within our families, communities and church. Ray Ortlund, Pastor at Immanuel Church in Nashville, speaks on how our churches need to revive their doctrine of grace and embrace grace in practice.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role. 

We need the doctrines of grace to guide us toward practicing grace to others. Our churches need a bold message of grace, centered on Christ AND we need a culture of grace so that others will see the beauty of Christ within us. It is then that Christ becomes irresistible to the rest of the world through the body of Christ, His church! 

Evaluate your role in your local church body. Are you grace driven? Specifically, what are you doing to demonstrate Christ to others? Do you consider the beauty of human relationships essential? What does that look like?
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The beatitudes in Matthew 5 explain what is necessary to create a gospel-driven culture wherever we go or wherever God has us currently. Read Matthew 5. Pray for your church, your pastor and for your church body. Pray for your home and for your neighbors. What prayer needs does your church currently have as a whole? What can you do to become more active in knowing your church's needs?
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Ray asked us, "How might our churches experience the kingdom of heaven (presence of God through Jesus) today? The remedy, he said, is for the church to be in a state of "poor in spirit" again. What does "poor in spirit" look like in your life today?
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Ray reminded us that nothing is more urgent than for our church to gain credibility of being people who know how to love for Jesus' sake. How does your church put into practice loving others both within its walls and outside in the community? If you feel your church is lacking grace both inside and out, what can you do to construct a plan to help implement a change gracefully.
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