The Power to Suffer in the Path of Love featuring John Piper

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John Piper is a pastor, the author of Desiring God and the Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. In this message, he teaches how Christians should embrace suffering because of love for others and our hope in Jesus. When we correctly keep our focus on the incredible reward of our future in heaven, we will endure all things for Christ's sake and love others enough to suffer for their liberation from darkness.

Dr. Piper made four observations from Revelation chapter 5.
  1. Jesus is the key that unlocks the mystery of history, and when the mystery is unlocked and the story is told, he turns out to be the main reality in the story.
  2. The reason Jesus is the key is that he was lamb who was slain and a lion who conquered.
  3. The achievement of Jesus, being slain as a lamb, purchased people for God from every tribe, tongue, and nation.
  4. The upshot of this achievement is that Jesus is infinitely worthy of eternal admiration.

Considering that admiration is the greatest pleasure for our souls, what is the greatest pull for your admiration? If it is anything other than Jesus, how will you diminish your desire for this thing?
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In what areas does our culture grasp for people's admiration? Where does Satan try to direct the greatest admiration of our culture, and how do most people give into this temptation?
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The three passages we read in Hebrew are 10:32–34; 11:24–26; 12:1–2. These all reveal the same pattern of power to embrace suffering in the path of love.
  1. A heart joyfully treasures the promised reward of eternity with Jesus.
  2. Soul satisfaction from that treasure frees the person from self protecting fear.
  3. That freedom from fear releases the believer to to embrace suffering in the path for the cause of liberation.

Where have you found opportunity to, not just endure, but embrace suffering? How has this increased and encouraged your faith walk?
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Many well meaning people will say that it is selfish to do things out of a desire for reward. Dr. Piper said that it is blasphemous to think this way. How do you make a distinction between selfish and righteous desires for reward?
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This message contained one profound point after another. What is something new that God is teaching you are asking of you as a result of this training post?
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John Piper said, "If you follow the path of love in the cause of liberation from the darkness of the devil, you will suffer," and that his purpose in this message is, "you will have such a foundation under your feet that you will not only endure it, but walk into it." When suffering introduces itself because darkness wants to fight us, may we embrace it in the name of Christ.

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