Can These Bones Live?

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Louie Giglio, Founder and Pastor of Passion City Church, teaches through Ezekiel 37, the prophet's vision of the valley of dry bones. His message encourages all of us to see the dead bones in our own lives, the enslaving sin that entangles us, and trust God for the restoration that only He can provide.

Read Ezekiel 37:1–14. Sin does not make us bad. Sin makes us dead. Louie described these four points from Ezekiel as the order in which God restores us.
  • God speaks the Word of God into our death
  • He breathes into us, making us alive
  • He covers us with flesh, repairing our brokenness
  • Then we will know that He is Lord

In what area of your life right now do you need God to do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine?
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It is our foolishness that leads us to captivity. To what chains are you still clinging? Why is it so hard to let these things go?
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Read Mark 9:14–27. Think about your relationship to the father in this story. Consider what problems or struggles you are faced with that might be represented by the son with the demon.

In what part of your life do you ask God "If you are able?" Why is this a difficult place for you to trust?
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After praying (and yes, prayer is certainly your first step), what practical thing will you do to give that tiniest amount of belief to God so that He can help you with your unbelief?
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When God redeems us, he removes a heart of stone and places in a heart of flesh. Take hold of the freedom that God offers with your new heart and let go of the foolishness that leads to bondage. Then watch how God does immeasurably more than you could imagine.

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