Good Questions for Small Groups

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Hayley Miller, from Word of Life Fellowship, has several great ideas for asking good questions. We often ask questions that only return "churchy" answers, or we offer solutions to an answer so quickly that we fail to understand the real underlying problem. Listening well and asking probing questions will help us avoid both of these pitfalls.

When we press people with engaging questions, it can help them to open up about their struggles, identify the real underlying issues, or even answer the question for themselves.

Did Hayley's descriptions of typical problems resonate with you? What frustrations do you encounter with your small group's discussion?
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Do you know what makes the people in your group tick? Who in your group do you need to further engage so that you can know them better?
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Have you been guilty of "throwing Scripture at a smoke signal"? What can you do differently so that you can commit to listening well as part of questioning well? Do you feel prepared to find relevant passages for problems when you discover the core issues?
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Think back to the last few times someone discussed a sin problem with you. Were any of these problems smoke signals for something bigger? How might you approach this person to reengage that conversation and help them work at the root issue?
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Remember that Hayley did not say that Scripture was a bad solution for problems, but an information dump is. Scripture is the best answer for most of our problems, and the leader who listens well will be better equipped to find the particular truth that is most applicable for students who are struggling.

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