How to Set and Meet Personal Goals

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Ray Deck, from Word of Life Fellowship, has developed a detailed strategy for goals. In this training post, he shares why goals are important, his criteria for choosing worthwhile goals, his steps for setting them, and how he works to meet his objective.

For this training post, think of a good idea that you have been wanting to turn into a goal. Use this space to practically work this new goal through all the steps that Ray just taught us.

Write a brief, one sentence statement of something that you would like to accomplish in a given time. Include that time frame as part of this statement. (i.e. "I will ________ within 6 months.")
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Clarify the goal. Use this space to write down the details that will affect the way that you accomplish this goal. Remember to be specific enough that you don't allow yourself wiggle room to cheat.
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What will you do to track your progress along the way? What can you measure so that you will constantly be aware of of your progression?
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Now that you have written all of these things down (solidified the goal), ask yourself Ray's test question: Will the pursuit of this goal help me become more like the person I want to be?
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As a last step, but a crucial one, talk to an accountability partner. Ask this person to help you remember what it is you want. Share all of the details and articulate the reason for pursuing this goal. How will this make you more like the person you want to be?

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