How to Foster a Culture of Excellence

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An organization's culture is based on its people. Cultivating your people for passion and high performance can mean great success for a company. That has been the case with Patrick Sbarra and Brad Jones, founders of New Creature, a design and marketing firm.  Their intentional build of a creative culture has encouraged their employees to work with excellence.

But first watch this humorous illustration from the Soderquist Center about the wrong way to encourage your employees.

False praise is one symptom of a culture in need of an overhaul. At New Creature, the leadership goes out of their way to make every team member an encouraged, vital part of the team.

New Creature was able to mature their culture alongside the growth of the business, and they did so through intentional growth of positive culture throughout the organization.

Brad describes their culture as the sum of vision, values, and vibe. What makes up the culture of your organization?
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Patrick said that their culture encourages high performance and collaboration. What does the culture of your organization encourage your people to do? Do your employees feel they have your total support and the freedom to work to the best of their abilities?
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What are the biggest shortcomings of the culture of your organization? What can you do to repair these things?
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How do you regularly (and genuinely!) encourage your leadership, employees or co-workers? Without resorting to hanging up an encouragement calendar, how will you make this a consistent part of your time at work?
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Leaders must look to the bottom line and performance of their companies, but doing these things to the neglect of the culture can be disastrous and make work unpleasant for everyone.

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